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Another nice bit of thinking

June 8, 2009

As we all know, binge drinking’s becoming fairly endemic in the UK and something high up on the COI’s communications agenda. I really liked the thinking and strategy behind VCCP’s last TV campaign based on the idea that you wouldn’t do all those stupid things that you do when you’re pissed when you’re sober. (more…)


Is o2 Ducks the perfect recession ad?

March 21, 2009

I know it’s been around for a while now, but earlier today it struck me (in the shower, obviously) that Ducks might just be the perfect recession ad, because it manages to combine almost everything that people have been clamouring for from ads since the recession began:

1) People have been wrangling over whether to go down the branding or pricing/offer route in ads ever since the world started to fall apart – Ducks does both. It has brilliant branding, working hard to push o2 as relevant, quirky, knowingly self-deprecating and in touch with consumers, all whilst pushing an offer-based incentive.

2) It’s funny, feel-good, not gloomy in the slightest – it’s not “you’ve got no money now, so get on pay as you go”, but rather “look how fun pay as you go is, plus you can get all this cool shit!”. Plus that shot of the wide-eyed duck about to go over the waterfall is priceless.

3) Most importantly, it really pushes o2’s generosity. Generous brands are going to be the ones who come out of the other side of the recession in good shape, simply because they will have been the ones who demonstrated their commitment to their customers above all else. When things are good, yeah sure it’s easy to give away a few prizes to lure people in and reward loyalty, but when money is in short supply generosity like this means so much more. I’m not saying it’s less transparent, far from it, it might be even more so, but it’s memorable and powerful to give things to customers in lean times such as these (especially when it’s existing customers who don’t have to do anything – this is definitely a “I want to be one of them, their little club is cool” ad).

Anyway, just a thought.