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April fools from the Guardian

April 1, 2009

Twitter switch for the Guardian after 188 years of ink

This made me laugh, although it’s hard to imagine that someone, somewhere, hasn’t pitched this idea seriously to some newsletter or other. The best bit?

At a time of unprecedented challenge for all print media, many publications have rushed to embrace social networking technologies. Most now offer Twitter feeds of major breaking news headlines, while the Daily Mail recently pioneered an iPhone application providing users with a one-click facility for reporting suspicious behaviour by migrants or gays.


Where my buddies at?

February 6, 2009

Despite the rather annoying voice over harping on about what her “buddies” are up to, this demonstration of Google Latitude shows it to be a pretty cool application. When Phil first told me about it, my initial reaction was complete aversion to the idea that I could be tracked 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, Jack Bauer style, but the fact of the matter is, you can switch it off when you need to. This does fit in pretty nicely with our predictions for this year – a furthering of the “never be alone” mentality.


Supply, Demand, Product or Advertising, the Vodafone Super Sim and the Wise Words of Stringer Bell

January 8, 2009

So, with the recession seemingly bearing down on every moment of daily life, ready to swallow up any British institution going, advertising and media budgets are in danger of being seriously scaled back for the foreseeable future. Already ad breaks on ITV are becoming visibly shorter, and magazines are becoming thinner by the month, which will naturally herald some hard months to come for agencies, but on the flip side, what should firms be doing to survive the next few months unscathed? Has the game changed? Is it all about product?

Times have been hard for Stringer since the pit became redundant (trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible, especially for Joel), the supply of muscle dwindled and… (more…)