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GTA Chinatown Wars

August 11, 2009


Absolutely love this little bit of branding from RockStar – fits perfectly with the medium (yeah it’s a bit cliché, but as a Chinese product that goes out to a mass audience you couldn’t find much better) and the demographic (lazy gamers who can’t be arsed to cook – yeah, I said it), and I bet they didn’t pay anything for the space either – genius!


Found via Eat Me Daily


A War of Green and Blue

January 31, 2009

Since the economy’s seemingly inevitable slide downhill reached the public consciousness about 7 or 8 months ago, Asda have been plugging their cheap, branded goods to exceptional effect. The supermarket’s ads have been all over the place, their bright green arrows declaring exactly how many of their products are cheaper than Tesco’s, Morrisons’ and Sainsburys’ based on an “independent” price comparison website. The ads’ content speaks of raw data, but the most important messages are far more embedded into the format of the ad as a whole, and resonate on a far deeper level than numbers alone –

The semiological language of the ad is intentionally thrifty – white, in British society, is a cultural byword for…


Ingenious marketing from Pret

January 18, 2009
Pret's recipe bag

Pret's recipe bag

I don’t often go to Pret, so when I saw one of their bags lying around in the back office of my shop, I was pretty intrigued by what was on the side – a recipe for creating your very own Pret a Manger sandwich at home. Having always thought that Pret was pretty overpriced, especially compared to Boots (meal deal all the way), I thought it was an awesome, helpful idea, and definitely worth giving a go. Until I read the ingredient list that is…