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GTA Chinatown Wars

August 11, 2009


Absolutely love this little bit of branding from RockStar – fits perfectly with the medium (yeah it’s a bit cliché, but as a Chinese product that goes out to a mass audience you couldn’t find much better) and the demographic (lazy gamers who can’t be arsed to cook – yeah, I said it), and I bet they didn’t pay anything for the space either – genius!


Found via Eat Me Daily


Sundae on the Common

July 28, 2009


So last weekend I went to the Ben and Jerry’s Sundae on the Common in Clapham, and, unsurprisingly, the whole place was one big ad. Huge inflatable tubs of Ben and Jerry’s filled the whole field, stalls sold cow-print rugs and students wandered around in cow and macadamia nut costumes looking like enormous testicles (the nuts, not the cows, although to be fair…). And on top of all this, there was as much Ben and Jerry’s as you wanted, all day. All day.

And right now it’s making me sick just thinking about it. The planner in me wants to write about how it fits incredibly well with their target demographic, how the line-up was so drearily inoffensive that it attracted a ridiculously diverse group of people (including a hell of a lot of families with babies and really young kids, nothing like getting the sprogs hooked on Phish Food early), that the friendly, off the wall feel almost made you feel like you were in one of their TV ads in a cartoon field, and that with the whole thing being carbon-neutral and filled to the brim with people selling fair-trade and sustainable EVERYTHING, it did amazing work for the brand’s environmental credentials.

But I can’t. Because I ate so much ice-cream I wanted to die. Because no-one I saw leaving looked like they were in any way comfortable. Because right now I never want to even see a tub of Ben and Jerry’s again. Trying all the flavours (which was encouraged by a little card you got with space for stamps when you had each one, which if you achieved was rewarded by the chance to win a year’s supply of ice-cream – blegh) was awesome at the time, but now it just means that I don’t want any of them, ever again. Did they not think to look at the people leaving last year, to see what they were doing to them?

Then again, maybe it’s not even branding for the people there – great from the outside, not so much when your drowning in a pool of Baked Alaska. Maybe creating a few thousand ice-creamophobes is worth it in the long run? So, evil genius, or just plain dumb?

(Having said all that, the Mango and Blackcurrant swirl sorbet that I tried there was absolutely amazing, and if they ever bring out the legend that is Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream over here – god damn you america! – I might die from excitement/inhalation of waffle).

sundae on the common

Youtube – the PR nightmare

April 15, 2009

Found via Perez, who’s exactly the kind of person you don’t want screaming “Why You Should Never Eat At Dominos Pizza Again!!!!” all over their site.

Three, that’s the magic number

February 13, 2009


Fascinating article in The Guardian this morning by Patrick Barkham about the progressive learning methods being tested out at Monkseaton high school in Tyneside. Using a system developed by the school’s head teacher, Paul Kelley, the school is trialling ‘Spaced Learning’, a method of teaching which involves holding 90 minute long lectures (accompanied by PowerPoint slides), that consist of the same materials repeated three times, with a break in between each in which pupils have to carry out physical tasks such as juggling, plate spinning etc. The system itself is based on research conducted by an American scientist, Douglas Fields, whose experiments with the removed and sustained hippocampuses of lab rats were able to determine that cells in the brain were most quickly able to form strengthened synapses (i.e. long term memories) when exposed to stimulation three times, with each stimulation interspersed with a ten minute break.

The results of applying Fields’ findings to the school’s pupils’ learning environment has, for the most part, been incredible. To quote the article –


Awesome media placement from Colgate

February 10, 2009


Have you ever seen a more persuasive toothpaste ad? Y + R Bangkok created this microcampaign for Colgate in Thailand, distributing ice-creams and lollys with hidden toothbrush-shaped sticks inside. Media-types have been banging on about the convergence of media choice and creative output for a long time, especially because of the seemingly limitless proliferation of emerging digital channels, and if that leads to more great ads like these, then more power to them!

What I love about the aproach most of all is its light-heartedness – Colgate isn’t the dentist whispering on your shoulder, telling you that any contact with sugar will instantly rot your teeth down to unrecognisable brown stumps. Rather, they recognise that people enjoy their little treats, and are demonstrating that they really understand the lives and habits of their customers, as well as the fact that they want to work with them rather than against them. What a world away from this…

Found via Brainstorm#9

Ingenious marketing from Pret

January 18, 2009
Pret's recipe bag

Pret's recipe bag

I don’t often go to Pret, so when I saw one of their bags lying around in the back office of my shop, I was pretty intrigued by what was on the side – a recipe for creating your very own Pret a Manger sandwich at home. Having always thought that Pret was pretty overpriced, especially compared to Boots (meal deal all the way), I thought it was an awesome, helpful idea, and definitely worth giving a go. Until I read the ingredient list that is…