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Cadbury’s Caramel and the power of multiplied media

March 16, 2009


A few days ago Cadbury were running a campaign for Cadbury’s Caramel (nope, it will never be Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel, no matter how hard they try) all over the tube – this cover for thelondonpaper was accompanied by distributers handing out free Caramels, and supported by matching posters all over the place (alongside the huge IMAX board and T/supersides on buses). This focus on reinforcement seems to correlate well with what we wrote about the power of three and the work of Dr Paul Kelley at Monkseaton High School who is pioneering a system of spaced learning.



Our Predictions for 2009

January 26, 2009



We wanted to write a post that discussed what was going to be big in 2009 in the world of Advertising and we came to realise that whatever we predicted would be something that’s already been said years past.

We could say, for example, that mobile’s going to be huge this year, and it probably is, but let’s face it that’s been said before. We could also say that social networking’s going to hit a new level and that newspapers are going to struggle to survive; been said hasn’t it?

So, we decided we’d go deeper and talk about where we’re at in terms of how we’re interacting with each other and what implications we think that this is going to have. (more…)