Linked Data – unlocking the internet


It’s easy to associate the word data with numbers and spreadsheets, and if you have a deep-rooted fear of maths, as I do, it can be pretty scary. For me, it’s been made aesthetically less scary and more enticing by beautiful data visualisations but coming to terms with data and its signficance isn’t just about pretty representations, it goes much much deeper. As Tim Berners-Lee says in this talk – “Data is relationships”.

Tim discusses his vision for the internet – the semantic web, and this rests on linked data. Essentially what it comes down to is releasing data, in a collaborative, generous way, so as to make the internet better and more useful. The idea is that if we release data then we can work together and break down the walls of the internet. He discusses everything from scientists releasing research data to people adding information to streetmap to make the information on it more accurate.

The excting aspect of this is that everyone can play a role in shaping the internet, by releasing or sharing data you’re automatically adding one more link to the chain which will eventually form a more connected, intuitive and responsive www.


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