Another nice bit of thinking


As we all know, binge drinking’s becoming fairly endemic in the UK and something high up on the COI’s communications agenda. I really liked the thinking and strategy behind VCCP’s last TV campaign based on the idea that you wouldn’t do all those stupid things that you do when you’re pissed when you’re sober. This new ad takes the idea to the streets and actually confronts the target audience with the proposition getting a presenter to ask passers-by to team up with him in doing a variety of classic Saturday night town centre activities.

These ads work because they tackle a tough issue with sensitivity. Rather than preaching at the target audience, they’re simply pointing out the facts – when you’re drunk you can end up embarrasing yourself and you do things you’d never do sober.

It’s often the case – and this is a good example – that the best and most effective insights are the simplest ones. They seem to translate to executions that connect well and make people think.


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