I was very happy to be given a Holga camera for Christmas and have just got my first film developed. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken analog photos and it made me remember how different it all was pre-digital, the increased levels of preciousness about each photo and the excitement at getting the film developed. These photos were taken in both Oslo and Surrey. Personally, I think the Holga lens gives them quite an eerie edge…

More photos after the jump!


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2 Responses to “Lomography”

  1. Nes Says:

    Ahh…. I took and developed b&w in my two years of studying non-digital photography. And what have I done ever since? Bought a digital camera! Shame on me. I guess not having a dark room anymore is part of that.

    I am jealous of you Joel! And I got to say these photos are awesome. Especially the third one down. Bring the camera to the class in May 🙂

  2. Ernesto Says:

    that is one the weirdest statue i’ve seen. what is it for? A tribute to the naked pedophile of tooting?

    nice pictures though

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