Could Gazaro be the future of online shopping?


As the aggregation of the internet becomes increasingly popular across multiple platforms and applications (RSS readers, Twitter, Facebook’s new homepage design and everything Joel wrote about yesterday are all good examples of the increasing collation of online data), it seems obvious that there is real potential out there for a great platform for the aggregation of shopping deals across the web. Sites like kelkoo have existed for a long time (but are usually cluttered and hard to navigate), and Google Product Search, although still a Beta, is incredibly good at weeding out deals, but what really sets Gazaro apart (in the video at least), is its incredibly simple interface, its price tracking ability and its ease of integration into other aggregation platforms such as RSS.

Just a shame it doesn’t seem to be working in the UK yet, even to compare US prices. People over at Lifehacker seem to be giving it mixed reviews, but I’ve tried using it and I can only find one product on there, even just by clicking through all their popular categories. Maybe something for the future?

Edit: Not sure why the video isn’t working right now, but you can watch it here


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One Response to “Could Gazaro be the future of online shopping?”

  1. Rob Says:

    I also really like Twenga as i used a lot kelkoo before, this new one is nice too

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