The Daily Mail: The acceptable face of British sexism



So, which really is the best invention for women?

a) Women! You like wine and stuff, don’t you? Having a little tipple with the girls while the men get on with the real stuff! Can’t say fairer than that can you?!

b) Women! You were pretty damn subjugated there, weren’t you, having to wash all those clothes by hand for us men, but – lucky you! – we’ve been all benevolent and bought you a washing machine! Now all you have to do is load it up, and everyone’s happy! See, with this happy invention you can save valuable time, time enough to wash some dishes perhaps!

c) Women! You’re all insecure and cute aren’t you?! Having all those issues about your bodies, no idea where they all come from, but don’t worry, you can get away from all that by dimming the lights a little! Nothing like a bit of darkness to cover that aching desire to be thin. Even better, when the lights are off, he might actually think your fat arse is sexy, and deign not to think about Kelly Brook the next time he’s shagging you – it’s win-win!

Just remember ladies, these are all great inventions for you, and we, those proud men who created them, should be foremost in your thoughts the next time you think of designing something – why bother, when someone better can do it for you?! Put your feet up and relax, read the paper, just don’t forget the dinner…


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One Response to “The Daily Mail: The acceptable face of British sexism”

  1. Glenn Stainsby Says:

    Good point well made by the Daily Mail. This sneering, ironic riposte to a piece of honest journalism by a hard working patriot makes me sick.

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