Awesome media placement from Colgate



Have you ever seen a more persuasive toothpaste ad? Y + R Bangkok created this microcampaign for Colgate in Thailand, distributing ice-creams and lollys with hidden toothbrush-shaped sticks inside. Media-types have been banging on about the convergence of media choice and creative output for a long time, especially because of the seemingly limitless proliferation of emerging digital channels, and if that leads to more great ads like these, then more power to them!

What I love about the aproach most of all is its light-heartedness – Colgate isn’t the dentist whispering on your shoulder, telling you that any contact with sugar will instantly rot your teeth down to unrecognisable brown stumps. Rather, they recognise that people enjoy their little treats, and are demonstrating that they really understand the lives and habits of their customers, as well as the fact that they want to work with them rather than against them. What a world away from this…

Found via Brainstorm#9


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One Response to “Awesome media placement from Colgate”

  1. Carlos Merigo Says:

    Thanks Phil!

    I hope that Google Translator always helping. 🙂

    Great blog.

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