Where my buddies at?


Despite the rather annoying voice over harping on about what her “buddies” are up to, this demonstration of Google Latitude shows it to be a pretty cool application. When Phil first told me about it, my initial reaction was complete aversion to the idea that I could be tracked 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, Jack Bauer style, but the fact of the matter is, you can switch it off when you need to. This does fit in pretty nicely with our predictions for this year – a furthering of the “never be alone” mentality.

This Apple-like style of product demo virals just works so well as a promotion tool. There’s something overtly satisfying about the way the process works: you check out the video, you decide it’s pretty cool, you send it on to your friends and you download it. In terms of measurability and effectiveness you can’t do better. It’ll be interesting to see if brands can use Latitude to their advantage.

It does seem like Google’s surrounding us with as many tools as it can throw at us and making our Internet experience 100% googlefied. I know that’s a pretty blatant observation but it does make you wonder what would happen if someone else stepped up to the plate and tried to battle Google. I think that with a domination of such giant proportions, perhaps we’re losing out on some web development potential. Google are clearly not sitting back on their heels and slipping into complacency, it would just be nice to see a bit of fierce competition which I think would lead to even more incredible demonstrations of web 2.0’s capabilities.


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