Acts of Random Kindness


These days social responsibility is of paramount importance for any organization; and let’s face it, it’s generally nothing more than a feeble attempt to charm us into having positive perceptions of dodgy corporations.

Whether it’s British Gas sending out free light bulbs to customers despite astronomical gas prices, or BP’s ironic ‘green’ branding, sometimes you get the feeling that these guys should just forget the front.

Anyway, enough ranting, the point is that I came across a company in Ireland called ARK, which stands for: Acts of Random Kindness, they do social responsibility a little differently. This is how it works:

1. You buy an item of clothing from them.
2. In doing so, you make a pledge that every time you wear it; you’ll carry out an act of random kindness. This can be anything from buying a tramp a cup of coffee to giving someone you don’t know a hug.
3. If you come up with an act which is too expensive or difficult to execute, you can send your ideas to them and they’ll do it for you with profits made from sales.

Now it’s not going to bring world peace or heal the credit crunch but it’s a cool idea and it’s good to see a bit of two-way social responsibility, and I’m of the opinion that we could all do with being a bit nicer to each other.

Here’s their website if you want to check it out:

and watch this space, because we liked the idea so much that we’ll be getting involved and documenting the results right here!


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