I found these records and I think they’re brilliant. Firstly, “Raiders of the Pop Charts”, no comment necessary, and secondly, Bruce Willis with “The Return of Bruno”. I didn’t know that Bruce “Yippie Kai Aye” Willis was so multi-faceted:

Raiders of the Pop Charts

Bruce Willis

Anyway, all this got me thinking about the Welsh-born trend known as Sleevefacing. Sleevefacing consists of getting a suitable record, placing it in front of your face and taking a photo of yourself – thereby turning you into Barbra Streisand, Bowie or even Bruce himself. It’s got a massive following which includes a Flickr group, a website and a published book. For anyone interested in Sleevefacing here’s how to do it:

The idea of taking an almost obsolete technology and using it to reinvent ourselves is an interesting one. It’s an absolute expression of the 21st century postmodern consumer. Are we always going to feel the need to hang onto past technologies or will we slowly become a throwaway society just looking for the next ipod/phone/camera/personal cinema gadget? Or alternatively, as has happened here, will we recycle old technology and re-express its use?

Just something to think about…


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2 Responses to “Sleeveface”

  1. Mustafa Says:

    Now we know which youtube video the agency (Dye Holloway Murray) responsible for the Smooth radio campaign nicked their idea from. Would’ve been nice if they tried to develop it rather that just copy the idea.

  2. Phil Bassot Says:

    Attention, whoever you are, this line is reserved for emergency calls only…
    No fucking shit lady, do I sound like I’m ordering a pizza?!

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