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Made Mistake?

I was driving along the other day and this jumped out at me.

It does what a decent billboard ad should do, catches your attention then stays with you. This is classically understated Scandinavian humour that puts having a kid by accident at the same level of gravity as making an error in your writing. You see it and you instantly think, that makes no sense, then, wait a minute…they didn’t! Oh yes they did!

Clas Ohlson is a Swedish chain of Hardware stores opening up here which sells “Household Solutions”, that was established in 1918 by Mr Clas Ohlson to sell things that make life a little easier. Karmarama have transferred this concept to a campaign that promotes human, simple thinking based on the need to find solutions to everyday problems. This is epitomized by another ad in the campaign, the copy reading: “Got Log?” followed by a photo of an axe and a photo of a toilet brush. Nice.


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