Mission Statement


Now we’re not knocking Campaign, or Media Week, or any other of the myriad journals and sites that analyse and evaluate the advertising that surrounds us day by day, far from it in fact, but we feel that much, if not all, of what we read about ads right now lacks one major, specific focus – context. Ads do not exist in a vacuum, they are formed within the same maelstrom of cultural forms that proliferate within any society – art, literature, film, music, fashion, theatre and philosophy to name but a few – and like all of these, are informed and influenced by economic, politics and history, on top of the heed and direction they take from each other within this all-encompassing web. But to read about advertising right now, you’d hardly ever know it. Ads are torn out of cultural context, placed on a page or blog as a separate entity devoid of influence or genesis, and subsequently drained of what we feel makes them so rich in the first place. The closest we’ve come recently is the constant (and albeit justified) flood of talk about the credit crunch and what effect it is already having on the ad industry as a whole and its product, but this is merely the most visible of an innumerable plethora of influences that should be considered to get to the heart of brands and the messages they proliferate through their advertising.

We hope to redress this balance, as well as posting any other cool stuff we come across along the way that inspires us, whether advertising or not. We want to use Vital Signs to start dialogues, discussions and interaction and generally tap into what’s going on in the world right here, right now.

We hope you enjoy reading, thanks for visiting.


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One Response to “Mission Statement”

  1. pedro Says:

    “Concept + Context = Communication” Patrick Roberts. Glad someone is looking at the whole picture.

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